What is really being taught at USA colleges and universities

At the Common Sense and Wonder web-site there is an article, Confessions of an Politically Incorrect Professor(Scroll down to about the third article), which seems to indicate that our colleges and universities are no longer the bastions of free thought.

Liberalism is stifling true dialogue and exchange of ideas. The only political ideas and beliefs that seem to be allowed are those of liberalism. How can college and university students be taught to think for themselves if they are only having one view, that of liberalism, advocated?

Our colleges and universities should not be a venue for one political view. What was particularly disturbing in the article was the one professor who had to register as a Democratic even though he was a conservative in order to keep his job.

There are many college chapters of Protest Warrior who are attempting to change the climate. I wish them luck in their endeavors. There is also another group called Campus Watch that is attempting to get the word out about what is really going on around campuses in this country.

As more and more people become aware of the climate on campuses around the country, hopefully it will begin to change.


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