Germans to sing Happy Birthday to Israel

On Thursday, a group called "I Like Israel" is planning to hold mass celebrations in honor of the birth of Israel in 20 cities in Germany and 10 abroad. Fifty thousand Germans are expected to attend and will use Stevie Wonders' rendition of "Happy Birthday". There will also be speeches about Israel and Israeli songs.

In an encouraging sign, "I Like Israel", has also been in contact with Turkish and Kurdish groups in Germany. Another group contacted is "Muslims and Arabs for Israel".

For the complete article, The Jerusalem Post

I went to the Arabs for Israel website. Below are two of the e-mails received from Arabs/Muslims. A lot of the e-mails were heart wrenching, especially the Libyan who wanted to move to Israel so he could be free.

From: Khaleel Mohammed

June 1, 2004

As a Muslim, when I read Q5:21 and 17:104, I can only say that I support that there must be an israel. The Quran adumbrates the fight against tyranny and oppression, using the Children of Israel as an example, indeed the prime example. While I may therefore disagree with some policies of Israel, as I disagree with the policies of many countries, cannot find any reason why, as a Muslim, I must oppose the existence of such a state. And I will ask fellow Muslims to remember that the classical non-Quranic literature of Islam drew upon importations that were patently judeophobic in nature. And that we should be more careful and not imbibe these traditions. Only when we can come to grips with reality will there be hope for peace.

Prof. Khaleel Mohammed is Assistant Professor at the Department of Religious Studies at San Diego State University

Posted Dec 31 2004

Dear Nonie,

I came across your wonderful website "Arabs for Israel." As an Arab myself living in Jerusalem, let me say that I fully support your view and efforts. I, too, was raised to hate Jews only because they happened to be Jews. Recently, I started studying Hebrew in an institute at Jafa Street in Jerusalem, and I met the most wonderful Israelis. They treated me with respect. I felt complete as a woman, unlike the way I have been made to feel living in my own culture. It's like I've been born again. I even now watch Israeli TV. I want to learn the Hebrew language as quickly as possibile so as to enteract with more Israeli friend.

When I saw your website, it was as if I found exactly what I was looking for. You can't imagine how happy I felt. I totally agree with you that Israel is the greatest thing that has happened to this troubled region. We, Arabs in Jerusalem, are enjoying all the benefits and services provided by this country. My parents tell me how poor and miserable they were under the Jordanian rule before 1967, and everyone knows the suffering of the Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank because of the corrupt dictatorship they are living under.

Please carry on your great effort, and I'm willing to help in any way I can.

Let's pray for peace.



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