Just a Friendly Competition

Project VALOUR-IT is gearing up for a fund drive! This time there is going to be a friendly competition between the NAVY, Army, Marines, and the Air Force. Fuzzilicious has more details.

WHAT: Friendly fundraising competition for Valour-IT.
WHEN: November 2nd through Veterans Day (the 11th).
WHERE: Based in the blogosphere, spreading everywhere else.
WHY: Because giving wounded warriors with hand and arm injuries access to a computer supports their healing and puts them back in touch with the world.
HOW: Blogger teams will be divided along military branches, with civilians "up for grabs." Prospective team leaders were approached yesterday Wednesday (waiting for replies). When the leadership is announced, you will have the opportunity to join the team of your choice.

Additional information: every donor during this time will receive a Soldiers' Angels Coin. We are also working on providing T-shirts for larger donations.

You can read the stories of two soldiers who were severely wounded and have benefited from this great program.

Captain Ziegenfuss, the inspiration behind Project VALOUR-IT, is currently back in the hospital and recovering after more surgery. Stop by his site and read about what he is going through.

Sergeant Buzz Robinson is another who has received a lap top.

My nephew, Sgt. Richard (Buzz) Robertson was wounded in Iraq last week. He had shrapnel in his liver and stomach. The worst of his injuries is a lacerated spinal cord. He is currently in Walter Reed Hospital and has a 50% chance of ever being able to walk again. Buzz and his unit were in an up-armored Humvee when they hit an IED near the border of Syria. Several of the men died so we are very lucky that Buzz is a survivor.

Fuzzilicious received this e-mail from his mother.
I can't believe it but I just called to talk to my son to see how he was doing and he said the Angels for Soldiers delivered a Dell Laptop today!!! This is really incredible! The love and support..."

So far we have purchased forty laptops--we have the capacity to assist forty soldiers. Considering the kind of impact this can have on each wounded soldier (and family) who receives a laptop, that's not nearly enough.

The Marines have already started. You can get further details at Outside the Blogway.

As for me, it's NAVY all the way!! GO NAVY!! Please click to donate.


Blogger Esther said...

You totally ROCK!!!!!!

10:50 AM  
Anonymous seawitch said...


So do you! Thank you so much for posting at your site!

11:18 AM  
Blogger Tran Sient said...

Go Navy!

12:26 PM  
Anonymous Felis said...

I'd say Go Navy.

4:00 PM  
Anonymous seawitch said...

tran & felis,

It has to be the Navy. How else would the Marines get around? Plus the SeaBees are a great bunch!

4:06 PM  

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