A Visit to Edgewater Mall

Edgewater Mall sits on Hwy 90 at the waters edge. It was heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina and Edgewater Village Shopping Mall which is adjacent was gutted by Hurricane Katrina. So it was with great anticipation that upon learning Edgewater Mall was reopening, I left to do some shopping.

My first stop was Sears which is one of the stores closest to the beach. I was shocked when I went in. Imagine walking into your local Sears store and seeing nothing but a vastness with here and there small corners of clothing, shoes, and other items. It had no men's clothing and very few women's clothing. The sales clerks were apologetic about the scant offerings but hey at least they are open.

Edgewater Mall has approximately 100 shops. There were maybe ten open. I was anticipating going to Walden Books but alas it was closed and there is nothing but empty floor space and sheetrock that is waiting to be painted.

The were only about 6 stores that were fully stocked and they were on the northern end of the mall furtherist from the water.

It will be a long while before the stores at Edgewater Village will be able to open. I was hoping that just maybe Books A Million would be open since it was at the northern end. But no go.

The southern end of Edgewater Village Shopping Center


Blogger Esther said...

Oh man. I'm so sorry. That had to have been quite depressing. But as you said, at least some stores were open and you know it will only get better.

10:12 PM  
Anonymous Felis said...

Can you plant a tree in your yard?
Watch it grow and see how things around you change fo the better as your tree grows higher and stronger.

2:44 AM  
Anonymous seawitch said...


It was depressing and then not so. There were a lot of people at the Mall. And I found a couple of shirts on sale at Sears that I liked and a purse at another. Couldn't find some shoes though. My son decided to go to the Mall with me and his favorite stores were closed and he kept coming into the shoe store, saying let's go. It takes a least an hour or more to find a decent pair you know. And there is rebuilding going on.


Nature has taken care of the tree for me. In the spot where I've been wanting to plant a tree, an oak seedling is growing. And there are more firebush seedling that I'll have to transplant next month.

5:08 AM  

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