Warnings from China

It has been speculated that China has been having a problem with terrorists. This past summer saw a bombing on a bus, in a cinema and various other places across China. Some speculate that the Chinese are using these terrorists acts to crack down on the Muslim Uighur community in the western Chinese region of Xinjiang. Surprising how the words terrorists acts and Muslims are strewn together, eh.

President Bush is set to visit Beijing in 10 days. The Chinese police has just issued warnings that there is a possibility that the 4 and 5 star hotels in China are being targeted by terrorists.

"The embassy has learned that Chinese police advised hotels that Islamic extremist elements could be planning to attack four- and five-star hotels in China some time over the course of the next week," the statement from the US embassy in Beijing said.

"American citizens visiting Chinese four- and five-star hotels should review their plans carefully, remain vigilant with regard to their personal security, and exercise caution," it added.

The statement did not specify whether the threat came from extremists inside or outside China. BBC News

I do not like the Chinese government. It is a totalitarian government that is brutal to it's people. However, I don't like terrorists either. Any group that thinks that people riding on a bus, going to the movies, shopping at a market, going to school, going to a nightclub, or sitting in a office building are legitimate targets are nothing but murdering, life hating, barbarians. Trying to justify their acts in any manner is unconscionable.


Blogger Esther said...

And if anyone can crack down on them in a definitive way that is sorely deserved, I'm guessing it'll be the Chinese. Should be intereseting.

10:52 AM  
Anonymous seawitch said...


Very interesting!

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