Is It Over Yet?

Football season drags on and on and on. I've watched one football game in the past 20 years and that was the Army-Navy game at the beginning of this month. That was actually pretty fun since the Navy team won. But professional football has got to be the most boring thing on earth. It's almost as bad as car racing. Is football season in the playoffs yet? If so, good, that means the Superbowl will be coming up and then it will be over.

Then spring training can begin for the only sport I feel is worth watching, baseball. Well soccer and tennis aren't too bad. Come January 8, I'll have to decide if I'll remain a Braves fan. I went on strike against the Braves when they traded Brian Jordan and even stooped so low as to become a Yankees fan until they signed him on again last year.

This coming season he might not be playing for them again. On January 8, he'll decide rather or not to accept a minor league contract with the Braves. I think I'll stick with the Braves this year regardless of Brian Jordan playing for them.

They seemed to play as a team last year and some of the rookies from last year better be back this year, especially Francour. Even Chipper Jones seemed to have a some team spirit last year. Of course, hope he doesn't hurt his big toe or whatever again. I did find that last year, when Chipper came up to bat and I would bad-mouth him and call him names, he seemed to hit better, even when runners were in scoring position. For some reason nothing worked in the playoffs against the Astros.

From my tone it would seem I don't actually like the Braves. I do but I have my favorite player and my least favorite player. In the latter case it's Chipper Jones. I just wish they would trade him.


Blogger MissingLink said...

I stopped watching sport long time ago.
The older I get the more boring it appears to me.
I am also trying to keep fit and watching sport on TV doesn't help, just takes more of my time.

3:50 PM  
Anonymous seawitch said...


I can't stop watching my baseball.

5:39 PM  

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