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I have a commenter from Whitfell, Norfolk, England who has taken exception to my site and has called it a den of filth. It must seem irrational that I haven't banned this person who chooses to hide behind anonymity but I feel that some dialogue is needed. Peaceful, rational discussion can sometimes open sets of eyes that have been open to only one point of view. As my regular readers know, I am outspoken on injustice and those cowards who are terrorists. I feel that my efforts need to augmented. If you would please help me out in the comment sections of these two posts, I Blame It on Bush and This Would Be Funny, I would appreciate it.



Blogger Mark said...

I missed that whole deal. Thankfully.

I would have cut the little shit off at the second or third go around. As Felis pointed out, iyt was all emotional drivel.

4:49 AM  
Blogger SEAWITCH said...


Problem was, I wasn't sure who it was. It turned out there were 3 IP addresses that needed to be banned.

5:17 AM  

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