What Next?

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is in the hospital after suffering a massive stroke. He is fighting for his life. Powers have been transferred to his deputy Ehud Olmert.

IRIS has numerous updates on the medical condition of Sharon. It looks like the blood thinners originally prescribed after his first stroke may have contributed to the cerebral hemorrhage. It does not look good for Sharon and he may not make it. He needs our prayers.

Israel is at a dangerous time. There is the threat of Iran's mad president and the increasingly real threat of nuclear annihilation. There is the constant threat of suicide bombers and increasing lawlessness in Gaza. The Palestinian terrorists now have rockets with longer range.

Not only keep Sharon in your prayers, but Israel as well. She is going to need strong leadership in the upcoming months. It doesn't appear that Olmert has the backing needed to lead the Kadima party.

It looks like the Likud party could stay in power.

High-ranking Likud sources hinted that the Likud could end up staying in the government if Sharon's health situation turns out to be serious, but a Netanyahu spokesman said the party would not issue any statement other than to wish the prime minister well. Jerusalem Post

In times past, as the recent celebration of Hanukkah has reminded us, strong leaders have arisen. Is there a Maccabe or a Ben-Gurion that can lead Israel through these times?


Blogger MissingLink said...

Difficult time for Israel.
My thoughts are with the Israelis.
Palestinians will become more violent just to try how far they can go without Sharon at the helm.

1:22 PM  
Anonymous seawitch said...


I fear for her.

1:28 PM  

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