Seabees Can Do

The Seabee motto is "Can Do". It is an apt one because not only they can do, they do it. Without the help of the Seabees from the Gulfport Naval Construction Battalion recovery efforts would have taken even longer on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. More than 2,500 are to receive armed forces service medals and the humanitarian service award.

Senator Lott presented the medals and awards to a representative group because many who are to receive the honors are currently deployed in Iraq. The Seabees were instrumental in building tent housing in Pass Christian, Mississippi. The Seabees also repaired many of the schools that had been severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

Though the newspaper article doesn't mention it, the Seabees also provided technical knowledge to help restore water and sewage facilities. In the days after Katrina, they also provided critical medical care, cleared roads, restored communications at emergency operations centers, and provided logistical support.

They did this while repairing damage to their base. It is estimated that the base suffered 30% damage due to Katrina.

Thank you Seabees!


Blogger Brooke said...

Go SeaBees! Oh, and happy belated Shabbat Shalom!

9:48 AM  
Anonymous seawitch said...


Thank you.

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