Help Chris Muir's Sister

Hat tip: Bob at crosSwords

Chris Muir who publishes the Day by Day cartoons is asking the blogosphere for help. His sister is undergoing treatment for cancer at a clinic in Mobile AL. CNN is airing a special on cancer in the next couple of weeks and by clicking on the banner below, it is hoped that the clinic will have received enough hits so that it can be included the ad it is running during the show and that the number of hits will increase the clinics visibility.

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For a copy of the Clik for Cathy button on my sidebar, go to Conservative Cat

UPDATE: 8/10/05 10:22pm
The efforts of the blogoshpere are paying off. When I just did a google search, the American Cancer Ablation Center is NUMBER 1!!!

Keep on clicking.

UPDATE: 8/12/05 5:00am
Chris Muir says the blogosphere has accomplished the goal in just TWO days, not the eight he thought would be needed. Let's give our selves a big hand! I am going to leave the Clik for Cathy button up until the show airs on 8/20/05. So, click on it every once and while.


Blogger Esther said...

I clicked! :) I will try to do the button thing on my blog this weekend when I have a bit more time. Great job!

10:26 PM  
Anonymous seawitch said...


Thank you!!

4:18 AM  

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