Qatari Cleric Speaks Out Against Suicide Bombers

I have stated and read many times that Islam must reform itself in order to stop the insane homicide bombings that are on going throughout the world. There are almost daily reports of insane acts of terror and murders going on in places such as Thailand, Iraq, Turkey, Israel, and Checnya. Today, Israel had three Kassam rockets and a rocket from Lebanon lobbed at it. Who can forget the horrific scenes from New York, Bali, Beslan, Madrid, Egypt, and London? One group of people alone are responsible for these reprehensible acts of murder and terror, Islamists. Today, Middle East Media Research had an excerpt from a courageous cleric, Dr. Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ansari who condemns the homicide bombers including the ones who commit their acts of murder in Israel.

Leading Progressive Qatari Cleric: By Permitting Suicide Operations, Al-Qaradhawi and His Ilk Have Caused a Moral Crisis in Islam

Our Religious Curricula Have Failed to Plant the Humane Values of Love in Our Sons' Hearts

"We are dealing with a new Islam, an angry Islam that is hostile to the world through its sons, whom we have not educated or taught well, and in whom we have not inculcated culture. [They] bear a hatred of life and of the living.

"Our religious curricula have not succeeded in planting in their hearts the humane values of love, and they have fallen into the bosom of extremism and violence, becoming a pawn in the game that carries out the fatwa s and instructions of the imams of hatred and aggression.

"[These imams] have told them: 'The world hates you and your Islam. The culture of the West wants to eliminate your identity, your religion, and your Shari'a. Therefore, you must wage a Jihad war in support of your religion.'
"We have condemned terror, [but] it would have been better if we hadn't. [Our] condemnation has been accompanied by a miserable 'but,' and would have been better without it because that gives free service to the propagandists of terrorism, and creates a cultural atmosphere for the growth of extremism.
"The Sharia rulings that forbid harming civilians remained valid [for centuries] until Sheikh Al-Qaradhawi and a group of ulama created a dangerous breach with regard to Jihad. This was when, out of support for Hamas, he ruled that suicide operations among civilians were legitimate. He said: This is one of the glorious types of Jihad, and it is a kind of terror that is legitimate according to Shari'a. He claimed that [in Israel] there is no difference between a civilian and a soldier because the children of today are the fighters of tomorrow, and they are all occupiers.

We have heard many Muslim clerics state that there is no such thing as a civilian. There is only dar al-Harb, The House of War and dar al-Islam, The House of Islam. The jihadis consider most of the world not currently under The House of Islam to be under The House of War and justify their murderous and cowardly actions from the Quran. In fact, some state they have no choice but to commit their acts of terror because the Quran leaves them no choice.

More Muslim clerics such as Dr. Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ansari need to speak out. For it is hard to tell that Islam is "The Religion of Peace" when so many murder in it's name and there are only a handful of Muslim clerics that explicitly condemn suicide bombers without the extraneous but. As Al-Ansari stated, it is at the point where there is a hatred of life and of the living, in other words, a death cult.


Blogger patrickafir said...

I saw this earlier. You'll notice how he is immediately taken to task by al-Qaradawi—a snake who is hailed as a "moderate" in the West. The real "tiny minority" in Islam is the small group of those who challenge its most vile precepts. They are usually quickly silenced.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know but at least some are speaking out.

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Anonymous seawitch said...

Abve comment is mine!

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