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St Casserole is another Mississippi blogger whose life has been overturned by Hurricane Katrina. She lives in what she describes as a small backwater town.

Below is a sample of her post today:


After a damaging storm, I observe the following:

Survivors tell their stories even to strangers.

People try to make money from the misery.

People who never have to ask for help find themselves receiving help and feel uncomfortable.

The street lights are gone.

Debris makes driving on city roads difficult because it pokes out into the street.

Read the rest of Aftermath and read some of her blog. Right now is when the reality of what we are facing is setting in. Most people have done what they could to repair their homes and clear the debris. Now it is a waiting game for the insurance and FEMA settlements, waiting for construction crews to come in, looking for a job, or making the decision to stay in Mississippi or to move out. A lot of people have already made the choice to leave but many more are determined to stay and rebuild. Go and give her some encouragement. She had evacuated to North Carolina for the storm and has only been back for a week or so.


Blogger Esther said...

The rebuilding must seem overwhelming. I know my life seemed overwhelming and it was a simple apartment fire -- the rest of the town was fine. What you guys are facing is... surreal. And my heart goes out.

By the way, I posted the article you requested over at Gindy's.

9:16 AM  
Anonymous seawitch said...


We are in a daze most days. We are constantly asking each other what day it is. Things take three times as long to accomplish. But we'll get it done. Always have in past hurricanes and will in future ones.

9:24 AM  

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