Reality Check

While I keep bemoaning the fact that the beaches are no longer accessible to us who reside in Mississippi, I'm given a reality check. The officials of Gulfport, Long Beach, Pass Christian, Bay St Louis, and others keep reminding us that there is too much danger and that it is possible more victims of Hurricane Katrina could be found in the debris.

That has happened. Two more bodies were found, one in Long Beach and one in Pass Christian. Now the death toll stands at 224 for Mississippi. It is expected that the death toll could rise as more debris is cleared off. There are 54 people still unaccounted for. The Harrison County Coroner does expect a few more bodies will be found.

For a list of those who died in Hancock and Harrison County during Hurricane Katrina and have been identified and their names released, you can go to Harrison County Civil Defense.

I should have stuck to my resolution not to read any news today.


Anonymous felis said...

It is such horrible loss.
Probably most of those 54 not accounted will also become fatalities.

12:54 PM  
Anonymous seawitch said...


It is a horrible loss. I am hoping that those missing will be found alive and had evacuated to different states.

2:57 PM  

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