Great Job Carren!!

Carren Ziegenfuss did a great job on today's MSNBC's Connected Coast to Coast. Tony Maciulis, who interviewed her was very supportive and enthused about Project VALOUR-IT.

You can watch it here.

It's not too late to join a team. Click here to join.

Or, you can help out by passing out flyers which you can download from at John at Castle of Argghh.

Click on my sidebar to donate.

Happy Birthday to the US Marine Corps

UPDATE: Lt. Smash has some great stuff up for auction. Check out his War Chest

Added: The following links are various, bribes, incentives, whatever you want to call them:

Click here to bid for the honor of appearing in a A Day by Day cartoon.

Click here for a round-up of the auctions the Navy , Army, Marine, and Air Force teams have on-going. It also includes the auction for the Cox and Forkum cartoon they did for Project VALOUR-IT.

Congrats to the Army team for being the first to reach and exceed the $21,000.00 goal.

Congrats to our wonderful NAVY, team who has also met the $21,000.00 goal and as of 11/10/05 1:00am is again in the lead.

UPDATE: 11/10/05 The new goal for the Army and Navy teams is now $25,000.00. Let's kick into flank speed and beat the Army team on this goal.

Linked: Jack Yoest, his post tells you how to prepare for an interview with the media and how Carren Ziegenfuss did all the right things.
Thanks to WuzzaDem for posting about Project VALOUR-IT!
Dean of Dean's World has Joined the Navy!
Linked: Reasoned Audacity
Basil Breakfast 11/10/05


Blogger Esther said...

THAT was awesome! Thanks for posting the link. Carren did fantastic!

8:14 PM  
Anonymous seawitch said...


She did!

9:28 PM  
Anonymous Felis said...

Thanks Seawitch.

7:02 AM  
Anonymous seawitch said...


Just another way to help the brave men and women who defend our country so wonderfully.

7:08 AM  
Blogger Esther said...

This is so great! I'm so proud of the blogsphere stepping up!

Those are some great incentives, though I've already appeared in a comic book. ;)

7:23 PM  
Anonymous seawitch said...


It's caught on so much. They are some great incentives.

My life is a comic strip! :)

7:50 PM  
Anonymous seawitch said...

I have moved the Haloscan comments to blogger.

I'll be handing them out at work.
Nickie Goomba | Homepage | 11.09.05 - 10:09 pm | #


Thanks Nickie!
seawitch | Homepage | 11.10.05 - 12:33 am | #


What a phenominal effort. This really warms the heart.
Sgt Hook | Homepage | 11.11.05 - 12:35 am | #


I so good to see so many people responding and helping and it really does warm the heart.
seawitch | 11.11.05 - 12:43 am | #


9:40 AM  

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