Standing Orders

There has been on onslaught of Congressional leaders and the Democratic National Chariman calling for a withdrawal from Iraq. Some going as far as to say our troops are terrorizing women and children in Iraq. Our men and women in the military are doing a terrific job in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places around the world. To have Howard Dean make comments such as "The idea that the United States is going to win the war in Iraq is just plain wrong," is insulting to the men and women who are so valiantly fighting for our freedoms. We are winning over there.

Lt Smash has issueed standing orders to counter this ongoing onslaught and is asking us to spread the word that this kind of defeatism must be stopped.

Mission One: Call Congress. He has some links for you to be able to call your Congressmen.

Mission Two: Talk Radio Call your local or the national talk radio shows and voice your opinion about supporting the men and women who are in the field serving our country with honor.

Mission Three Letters to the Editor Write your local newspapers and Lt Smash's post has good tips on how to address the issue.

This brings us to today's mission:

Mission Four: Write Congress

Below are a few of the many excellent tips for writing to your Congressmen:


If you've completed the first three missions, this one should be simple. But it's also the most important yet, so take some time to do it right.


1. Research your Representative's votes on National Security issues here.

2. Compose your letter. Include your address and phone number, the date, and your Congressman's mailing address. (Proper format can be found here). Open your letter with the simple salutation "Dear Mr. (or Ms.) ______".

3. Your letter should have three concise paragraphs. The first paragraph should be one or two sentences stating directly your position: "I am writing to urge you to reject any proposal for a premature withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Iraq."

Do what you can in order to stop defeatists such as Pelosi and Murtha. And let's begin to hear more senators such as Senator Joseph Lieberman:
I have just returned from my fourth trip to Iraq in the past 17 months and can report real progress there. More work needs to be done, of course, but the Iraqi people are in reach of a watershed transformation from the primitive, killing tyranny of Saddam to modern, self-governing, self-securing nationhood--unless the great American military that has given them and us this unexpected opportunity is prematurely withdrawn.

The Iraqis are set to vote again this month. They are well on their way to having a stable, democratic society and to pull out now will lead to unstability. Write and call your Congressmen, write letters to the editor, and engage on talk shows and show true support for our men and women of the military and their mission.


Blogger MissingLink said...

"Some going as far as to say our troops are terrorizing women and children in Iraq"

Now, that' pretty low.

I am sure there are more Democrats like Joe Lieberman.
The media just ignores them (conveniently).

2:27 PM  
Blogger SEAWITCH said...


It was Karry who said that little gem.

3:42 PM  

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