Can't Stop Laughing

Senator Lott has made the decision to run for re-election. I was hoping against hope that he would do the honorable thing and not run. He is an embarrassment and a disaster for the state of Mississippi.

The Clarion Ledger's Marshall Ramsey is a very talented political cartoonist. The one today had me laughing out loud.


Blogger MissingLink said...

The real question is: Does he have a chance?

1:11 PM  
Anonymous seawitch said...


That's what is so sad. He has a very good chance of winning.

1:26 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

LMAO!!!! That's better than my chazzerai joke!

9:45 PM  
Anonymous seawitch said...


Feinstein seems to be making some sense lately. How about a trade? Lott for Feinstein. Do not suggest Boxer!

10:50 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

No fucking way! How about this stupid bitch up my way, Lynne Woolsey???

7:31 PM  
Anonymous seawitch said...


Never heard of her. You can keep her. I want Feinstein!

7:40 PM  

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