Long Beach

I made it back to the Long Beach Small Craft Harbor today. It was the first time since Hurricane Katrina hit. It was one of those beautiful days that make you thankful that you live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, even with all the destruction around. The skies were so blue and the water was crystal clear. More and more people have started coming to the beach since Hwy 90 has reopened. When I took the pictures of Biloxi and Gulfport close to the beach, the lack of people was more disheartening then the destruction that is all around. Long Beach was devastated and is one small part of the 66 miles of total destruction along the Mississippi Coast. When I say total destruction, I mean houses, businesses, and apartments reduced to toothpicks.

Before and after picture of Long Beach Small Craft Harbor. Surprisingly, the piers were in much better shape than the ones in Gulfport.

This man's home which is south of the railroad tracks close to the harbor was the only one that survived. He evacuated but sadly a friend of his in Biloxi wanted to ride out a hurricane and she lost her life when the waters engulfed her apartment on the beach. She had never been in a hurricane before and he had told her not to stay.

This is the Friendship Oak on the Gulf Park Campus of the University of Southern Mississippi. It is 500 years old and tradition says that when people walk together in it's shade, they'll remain friends for life.

St Thomas Catholic Church - It had been rebuilt after Hurricane Camille and it was hoped that it's shape would save it from destruction. It worked in the sense that the shell is still there and not just a slab like after Camille. I've known Father Louis Lohan for over 20 years and the parish of St. Thomas is in no better hands to guide them. It was so beautiful inside.

The Mississippi Coast is blessed with so much beauty and wildlife. The live oaks are rebounding and they do not look so odd now that their leaves are coming back. They stay green year round. One of the things that always delights me is when I'm able to get a good photo of the beautiful birds, such as this blue heron.

I took this shot off Moses Pier in Gulfport. It's the first one of a blue heron I've been able to take in flight without it coming out blurry. They look ungainly when taking off but are fast!


Blogger MissingLink said...

Graet pics as always.

For me, birds are just synonymous with peace and tranquility.

7:18 PM  
Anonymous seawitch said...


Thank you. They are a comfort.

7:20 PM  
Blogger St. Casserole said...

I've seen pelicans and sea gulls all over. Makes me happy.

3:07 PM  
Anonymous seawitch said...

st. c.,

Makes me very happy!

3:15 PM  

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