Two members of the French group BAF (Brigade for the money of the French Taxpayers) decided to show their support for free speech at a Muslim march yesterday in Paris. Read about No Pasaran and then watch the video here or at the other site.
The BAF (Brigade for the money of the French Taxpayers) would like to dedicate this prank to all those who defend free speech and the freedom to have a good laugh, and who live in countries where the Islamists and their fellow dictators wreak havoc (Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Algeria, etc.).

One, in red and white, is (silently) wearing a sign with the Danish flag saying "Support Denmark, Support free speech". Besides (silently) wearing a sign reading "Free Cartoonist" on it, the other, the founder of the BAF protest warrior-type organisation, is holding a (fake) severed hand, a pen among its fingers.

Voices start to ring out. "It's provocation!" "You tread on 1.5 million Muslims!" "Connards!" "Rat faces!"

After watching the video and reading the post at No Pasaran let me know if you think the two brave men were treading on 1.5 million Muslims. Libre!

H/T: Solomonia


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