Mardi Gras in Mississippi - Part 2

I did not make it to the Gulfport parade yesterday. There were thunderstorms before the parade and you have to park at least two hours before parade time. Today, however, was beautiful. The sun was shining bright and it was in the mid 60's. So, I bring you pictures from the D'Iberville parade. You have to hand it the spirit of the people who live in this little town. Over 65% of it was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

I believe this is the community college ROTC. Each state flag was carried.

You hear cries of "Throw me something!!". And they do throw. I had two sets of beads hit me in the mouth simultaneously. Not the tiny beads either, the big ones. I held onto my camera though and managed to keep the beads!

As with the parade from last Saturday, nobody wanted it to end. I overhead someone say, "Time to go back to the FEMA trailer".

This was the scene one block off the parade route. Empty spaces where houses once stood, FEMA trailers, and some people are still living in tents.


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