Wrestling With a 'Dwarf'

Yesterday, I spent two hours wrestling with a 'dwarf'. It was an epic struggle with me turning the 'dwarf' this way and that to get to the best position. Though I have numerous scratches and sore muscles from the wrestling match, I ultimately ended up on top.

The 'dwarf' has been moved and put in it's new place. When I first spotted the 'dwarf' almost 10 ten years ago I thought it would be a welcome addition. At first, everything was okay and the description was acuurate. But the 'dwarf' turned out not to be dwarf holly bush but a holly tree. I had placed it along some boxwood hedges and thought it would be a good accent. Imagine my surprise when it grew over 8 feet tall.

Since Hurricane Katrina had partially uprooted it, it was the best time to move it. And I did though I'm paying the price today. Hopefully, I won't have anymore wrestling matches for awhile.


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