Missing Link Found?

For years scientists have been searching for the missing link. The one that ties Homo erectus and modern humans. One such link may have been found in Ethiopia.
The hominid cranium found in two pieces and believed to be between 500,000 and 250,000 years old "comes from a very significant period and is very close to the appearance of the anatomically modern human," said Sileshi Semaw, director of the Gona Paleoanthropological Research Project in Ethiopia.

Archaeologists found the early human cranium five weeks ago at Gawis in Ethiopia's northeastern Afar region, Sileshi said.

Several stone tools and fossilized animals including two types of pigs, zebras, elephants, antelopes, cats, and rodents were also found at the site.AP

Exciting news. The story of Lucy, discovered in 1974 enkindled in me a fascination on the origins of man and evolution. It's fascinating to read about the discoveries made in our human ancestry and how we are so alike to the other animals that populate our earth. It's also fascinating to read about what makes us humans so different from other animals. Say what you will, the discoveries of human evolution jusreinforcece my belief in G-d. Questions arise to what made man use fire. How did they learn to make clothing? Who was the first to bake bread? Why use fire in cooking at all? Did human sexuality lead the making of civilizations? Or was it the ability to farm grains at will and to raise cattle, goats, sheep, etc?

These questions all started in me when I read further about the discoveries being made and the pursuit of the missing link. The questions are endless and some may never be answered. But one thing is for certain, something prompted Homo erectus to walk erect and that led to modern man.


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