D'Iberville Contrast

I've recently started communicating via e-mail with another photographer from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. He directed me to his cousin's beautiful pictures of the Mississippi Gulf Coast before Hurricane Katrina hit. He has also sent some of his pictures that he took. He has graciously allowed me to use some of his photos on my site. The subject is Seymour's. It used to be a little bar, grill, and bait shop.

Several years ago, a group of us at work would exercise by walking across the I-110 bridge. Sometimes after the mile hike, we would stop at Seymour's afterwards to have a beer, lite beer of course.

Seymour's on Bay Shore Dr in D'Iberville MS before Hurricane Katrina. This was taken from the I-110 bridge. A lot of buildings, culverts, etc. had murals painted on them.

I took this shot three weeks after Katrina struck. The man in the photo is standing in the parking lot amid the debris of Seymour's.

Seymour's was a relaxing place to stop for a nice cold one. It's just one of the far too many places that were destroyed along the Mississippi Gulf Coast by Katrina. Just another way that life has changed down here. Seymour's is rebuilding.


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