Graduation joy and wonder

My son will be graduating from high next month. I am so proud of him but it is a major milestone in his life as well as mine. Have I taught everything that he needs to go out on his own? Have I taught him the morals he needs to make the right decisions in his life? Does he know that God is always there?

He is an adult now and soon he will go to college. It so hard to believe!! It seems only like yesterday that I was holding him in my arms, listening to his first words, watching him make those first tentative steps. Life is such a miracle. A baby who was 21 inches at birth is now 6 feet tall!!!

All the stages in between have come and gone: the first day of school, the first band instrument, the first girl friend, the trip to Washington DC by himself, the first time behind the wheel of a car.

I want life to be easy for him. I want him to have the best of everything, to find his true love and make a life with her. I want him to enjoy the career he chooses.

It is so hard to let go and yet I have such a feeling of joy. He is making the first tentative steps of adulthood. You remember that feeling of excitement when your child takes his first steps? It is indescribable. This is the feeling that I have.


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