Contradictions of Iran

In a BBC News article, Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahrudi was very critical of Iranian police for extracting confessions. He stated that the way the police conducted interrogations was against the Iranian constitution, Islam, and international legal principles. He stated further that extracting confessions was the job of judges. He also stated that the police should not to be too harsh on those who fail to meet the country's strict dress code, i.e., women wearing veils incorrectly.

I am perplexed by Iran. Women have greater freedom there than in Saudi Arabia. They are even being trained as police officers, can run for office and lead prayers for groups of women.

The Iranians seem to be very progressive toward women and yet they are still required to wear a veil for modesty. I realize that this is a matter of religion but modesty can be achieved without such an archaic thing as a veil. It seems to me to be the ultimate symbol for the subjugation of women.


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