Blair in trouble

From the BBC News America, Prime Minister Tony Blair seems to be in trouble over allegations that his proposal to join the U. S. in the Operation Iraqi Freedom was illegal. The allegation are based on the recommendations of the British attorney general dated March 7, 2003. One of the main points is that the attorney general recommended getting a UN resolution (fat chance with our good friend France). It also stated that going to war was only legal if Iraq failed to comply with UN resolutions. How many times did Iraq fail to comply with UN resolutions?

Based on the resolution that Congress passed on October 7, 2002 in order for the U. S. to go to war against, Saddam Hussein violated twelve different resolutions.

I hope Prime Minister Blair can overcome this. I first discussed the possibility of losing England in the fight against terror in a post on April 16.

The resolution that the U. S. Congress not only discussed weapons of mass destruction but also the brutality that Hussein showed to his own people.


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