John Bolton - The man we need for the UN

I like John Bolton. I like the comments he has made about the UN. For years the UN has been ineffectual in what it is supposed to do. Tyrants and dictators thumb their noses at resolution proposed by the UN. Hell, the UN cannot even call what is going in Darfur by its true name, genocide. They cannot even state that suicide bombers that blow up innocent people in cars, buses, and pizza parlors are terrorists.

Some of the UN peacekeeping troops have been charged with rape and even after those reports came out, the rapes continued. Leading UN officials have been charged with sexual harassment. And of course there is the Oil for Food scandal. I wonder who those two top UN officials could be?

We need someone to shake things up at the UN and John Bolton seems to be the no-nonsense type of person needed. I urge the Senate to confirm him. I think the Democrats are being spiteful. As Jonah Goldberg stated in his column at the Jewish World Review: If John Bolton had been the nicest, sweetest, let-me-help-you-with-your-groceries, you-can-sleep-on-my-couch, I'll-get-the-thorn-out-of-your-paw teddy bear to everybody he ever worked with or met, not a single Democratic senator on the Foreign Relations Committee would change his vote from "no" to "yes."

Come on let's send someone to the UN that will represent "gasp", the priorities of the United States.


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I had a few things to say on the Bolton nomination. You can see them here.

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