Clint Black is Too Political

The Washington Post has decided not to provide public service advertising for the Freedom Walk in Washington DC scheduled on 9-11. They based their decision on the fact that Clint black had recorded I Raq and Roll.

"As it appears that this event could become politicized, The Post has decided to honor the Washington area victims of 9/11 by making a contribution directly to the Pentagon Memorial Fund," said Eric Grant, a Post spokesman. "It is The Post's practice to avoid activities that might lead readers to question the objectivity of The Post's news coverage."Washington Post

The Washington Post does not want it's objectivity questioned!! That's a laugh. They are dropping promotion for an event to remember the victims of the 9-11 attacks because a singer sang one song in support of the Iraq war. The article doesn't even state if Clint Black is going to sing the song in question.

They need to remember this when The Rolling Stones or other rock bands who have very political songs appear at events similar to the Freedom Walk. Their decision shows which way the political winds blow at the Washington Post.


Blogger Newvictorian said...

I suppose they will make sure no one thinks they're rooting for our country to win...right up to the time the Islamic censorship team moves into the editor's office.

Luckily us bloggers don't feel that we have to be "objective." We just want the evil men to be defeated.

9:19 AM  
Anonymous SK said...

As I said on another blog, this just make sme feel even better about canceling my newspaper subscription and sending the money to Michael Yon. You have NO doubt whose side he's on.

2:17 PM  
Blogger patrickafir said...

LOL@"The Washington Post does not want it's objectivity questioned!!"

Sometimes I picture these loons wearing a bright green suit inside a well-lit cube lined with mirrors saying, "I don't see any green on me!"

10:31 PM  
Anonymous seawitch said...

LOL - priceless

10:52 PM  

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