Freedom Is The Justification

Blackfive's post Do Not Waste Your Son's Blood links to a post by Iraq the Model who writes to Cindy Sheehan very compassionately and eloquently the reasons why the war in Iraq is justified and that those American sons and daughters who have died did so to set the Iraqi people free after decades of tyranny and terror. That their comrades-in-arms who continue the fight in Iraq are battling the same breed of terrorists who flew the planes on 9-11 and are protecting the US.

Go and read A Message to Cindy Sheehan


Blogger Mark said...

Pretty much what I tell people, but many here in the US (like my UC Davis friend) absolutely refuse to believe that there could possibly be a maoral and noble reasson why our government chose to go to Iraq. And they scoff at you and call you a simpleton for believing that.

4:59 PM  
Anonymous seawitch said...


Moral relativism. Anything goes and we are not to rid the world of an evil dictator. And yet we who believe in morals and noble causes, such as freedom, are the ones called simpletons.

5:35 PM  

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