Gainfully Employed

I am gainfully employed!!. I start Thursday morning and the job seems a piece of cake. I had to take a drug test. That was embarrassing. I had to drink four bottles of water before I could fill the little cup!!

Time for another happy dance!!

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Anonymous Felis said...

I am dancing with you Seawitch.
An guess which character (in your cartoo) am I?

4:25 PM  
Anonymous seawitch said...


You're Hobbes, right?

4:36 PM  
Anonymous Felis said...

"You're Hobbes, right?"
If Hobbes is the one wearing stripes. ;-)

7:14 PM  
Anonymous seawitch said...


Yes, Hobbes is the one wearing stripes. :)

7:28 PM  
Blogger GunnNutt said...

Hooray! D.C. Happy dances comin' to ya!

7:54 PM  
Anonymous seawitch said...



8:08 PM  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Congratulations! Do you get a discount??!!

8:16 PM  
Anonymous seawitch said...


Thanks! I don't know. I didn't ask.

8:32 PM  
Anonymous SK said...

WOO HOO!!! Really happy for you here....the luck is changing:)

5:43 AM  
Anonymous seawitch said...



5:51 AM  
Blogger patrickafir said...

Congratulations! It's always exciting to start a new job, and if it gives you the inspiration to do your happy dance, so much the better!

10:06 AM  
Anonymous seawitch said...


Thanks! I am one of those who have to be working, a sort of laid back Type A personality. : )

11:28 AM  
Anonymous Bozwell said...

I am not surprised by this news Seawitch--I was encouraged to think positive thoughts due to your inspirational attitude towards all of this...

For what it's worth, I'm doing the happy dance as well!

12:09 AM  
Anonymous seawitch said...


It's good to know that!

3:28 AM  

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