Who Rules?

I always thought that I was the one that ruled the house. I have been having my doubts about that for awhile now.

It seems that this is the ruler:

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Frisky has to make sure that I do everything correctly. She sits on the printer and watches all that I do when I'm the computer. I swear I think she laughs at me when I'm cussing about the DSL going out once again!!

She follows me around everywhere almost as if to make sure I don't do anything she doesn't approve of. She has all the other animals scared of her with the exception of Sparky, the parrot. Even Dodger gives her wide space. While my two other cats, Smokey and Guido, will cuddle up with Dodger, all Frisky does is hiss and claw poor Dodger on the nose.

She is also a guard cat. I kid you not. Whenever something is going on outside, she jumps in the window to check it out and stays there almost like a sentry at her post.

She also likes to play. Her idea of fun is when I'm stumbling into the kitchen to make my coffee, she'll hide and as I pass attack my ankles. She likes to do this periodically throughout the day to keep me on alert. And then we have disputes about my favorite spot on the couch. It seems it's her favorite spot also. So far, I'm still winning that one.


Anonymous Felis said...

"Frisky has to make sure that I do everything correctly"
My cats are exactly the same but I have no doubts whtsoever who runs our hosehold and it ain't me or me missus.

5:59 PM  
Anonymous seawitch said...


I just like to think I am the one who rules. :)

9:33 PM  

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