Shell Shock

I suppose I'm going through another one of those times when I just can't shrug the destruction of my hometown off. Sometimes I wonder why I subject myself to go out to all those places that have been destroyed and take pictures. I mean it brings a sense of loss to see all those places gone that had such fond memories. I suppose it's a form of shell shock. Every street that you turn down, you don't know what to expect. But the pictures are a way for me to work through the shock and I've noticed that I'm starting to get back to my normal self most days. One thing that b@tch Katrina taught me was to be thankful for all I have because in one day it can all be taken away. Someone at work told me to go out somewhere and have some fun and I said all the places I used to go are gone. The beach was always my thing, whether in Gulfport or Biloxi, I was there most weekends. But yesterday, when I went to the beach in Gulfport, it was different from my previous visits, there were people there and that has done me more good than anything. It's the people that bring it to life. As long as people continue to come to the beach, all is well.

Gulfport Beach - Hwy 90

Grand Casino - Gulfport - The last time I was there was back in July when my aunt came to visit. We had a three hour supper full of laughter, sharing family stories.I played around with the light exposure on this one

East Elementary School - I used to get into trouble when I went to this school. Too much time staring out the windows and watching the dolphins in the Sound.

This sign says it all.

No news for me today. I am working through this stuff. Can't even get away from it watching Comedy Central, every other joke is about Katrina. Tomorrow will be better.


Anonymous Felis said...

"But the pictures are a way for me to work through the shock .."

I agree. It is a therapy.
You accept the destruction and move on.

4:12 PM  
Anonymous seawitch said...


I am. It still hits hard every once in awhile. yesterday was one of those days.

5:09 PM  

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