Let's Give Him His Wish

Hamas leader Mahmoud A-Zahar states that he wishes the United States would cut it's "satanic aid" to the Palestine Authority. His wish will probably come true. Hamas is not about to quit the aim of it's charter to destroy Israel.

"Recognizing the state of the Israeli enemy is not on the table," he said. "Our program is to liberate Palestine, all of Palestine," he said.

"The Qassam Brigades will continue to increase in numbers, supplies and weapons...until the liberation is completed," he said of the group's military wing. He added that Hamas can develop the capabilities of its missiles.

"Anyone who thinks the calm means giving in is mistaken. The calm is in preparation for a new round of resistance and victory," he said. "If the enemy has something to offer we will study it, but we will not abide by a truce that is for free." Jerusalem Post

Let's give him his wish. No US taxpayer's money should be given to murdering terrorists. And that is what Hamas is, a bunch of murdering terrorists.


Blogger Emanuel Ben-Zion said...

I wish that the same thing happens here with the European Union.

5:00 PM  
Anonymous seawitch said...


The recent polls done here in America show that we side more with Israel. the vast majority do not want any money going to Hamas. I can only hope it's the same in Europe.

7:38 PM  

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