Crying Out For Justice

There still has been no one charged in the murder of Jesse Lee Williams Jr. The investigators are still pouring through documents and even surveillance tapes of what happened the night Williams was brought to the Harrison County Adult detention Center. Yesterday, it was announced that the family of Williams is suing for wrongful death.

The civil lawsuit, filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court, identifies 14 defendants, including Ryan Teel as the jailer targeted in a criminal investigation into Williams' death after a beating Feb. 4 at the Harrison County jail. Allegations in the lawsuit echo witnesses' statements to the Sun Herald describing acts of torture in which Williams was punched, choked, hog-tied, toted and dropped "like a human suitcase," Tasered and held in a restraint chair.Sunhearld

The article goes on to state that only one side of the argument is reported in the lawsuit. But I find it very interesting that the deputy, Ryan Teel, is being targeted in the criminal investigation. See his dad, Wes Teel, was a former Chancery Court judge. Judge Teel was indicted in December by the Federal government on judicial bribery and conspiracy charges.

It makes me wonder if justice is being slowed due to preferential treatment, the fears of county leaders of being sued, or just extra care being given.

Also named in the lawsuit are the Harrison County Board of Supervisors; Sheriff George H. Payne Jr.; Maj. Dianne Gatson-Riley, jail warden; Capt. Rick Gaston, jail security director and booking supervisor; Capt. Phil Taylor, training director; Officer Leah Richardson, central control officer; booking room deputies Leo DeGeorge, Evan Hubbard, Regina Rhodes and Morgan Thompson; medical administrator David Decelle; Health Assurance LLC and "other unknown John and Jane Does."Sunherald

Since the wrongful death lawsuit has been filed, this should not be a reason to hold back justice any longer. Justice still isn't been served in Williams' death. No one has been charged and it's been 1 1/2 months since his death. Many people on the Mississippi Gulf Coast are upset by this. They are crying out for justice.


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