Spring Break

This time of the year, most colleges and universities in the US have spring break. The image that comes to mind is students partying at the beach or just having a good time. But this year, a lot of students are using their spring break to help us on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Their help is much appreciated.

Thousands of college students from across the country are spending their spring vacations in cities along the Coast, helping hurricane victims clean up and repair their homes after the storm. The following are among the universities that have students traveling to this area: Coe College (Iowa), Columbia University (New York), Creighton University (Nebraska), Dartmouth College (New Hampshire), Emory University (Georgia), Hamilton College (New York), University of North Carolina, Penn State (Pennsylvania), Purdue University (Indiana), St. Bonaventure University (New York), University of Michigan (Tau Beta Sigma), Virginia Tech.Sunherald

One group of students was not mentioned. They are the Hillel students from the University of Virginia. These kids are wonderful. I had the privilege of celebrating Shabbat services with them in my congregation. They are working so hard. And the work they are doing is dirty, pulling sheetrock filled with mold.

Their enthusiasm is contagious. Most will be down here for at least three weeks. I cannot say it enough how grateful I and the rest of us on the Mississippi Gulf Coast are for their help. Thank you doesn't seem adequate for the help they are giving.


Blogger St. Casserole said...

I'm grateful for the help we receive. The Spring Break students will never know how much their presence means to us!

4:15 PM  
Blogger MissingLink said...

Pass my greetings to these kids Seawitch.

5:10 PM  
Anonymous seawitch said...

st c.,

It's fantastic to see all of them down here!


Will do!

5:28 PM  

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