Sheriff Payne Answers

In this post, I wrote about the brutal death of Jesse Lee Williams at the hands of a sheriffs deputy. I had some questions for Sheriff Payne. He has answered some.

The deputy responsible for Williams death no longer works for the Harrison County Sheriffs Department. Williams' death has been ruled a homicide but no one has been charged as of yet. A surveillance camera captured the beating and is currently in the hands of US Attorney Dunn Lampton.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigations, the FBI, and the Harrison County District Attorney's office are all investigating the murder of Jesse Lee Williams.

Sheriff Payne offered these words:

"On a personal note, I want to express my sympathy for the family of Jesse Williams and my sincere regret for the remarks I made concerning their loved one's possibly being under the influence of drugs. That information was reported to me over the phone and was obviously incorrect. Like the events of that tragic evening, if I could take my words back, I would," Payne said.WLOX

I'm still at a loss why no charges have yet been filed. The coroner has ruled Williams' death a homicide. For the sake of justice and a semblance of peace for Williams' family, charges need to be filed soon.


Blogger St. Casserole said...

What's it been? 34 days or so?
The entire community is upset about this.

3:48 AM  
Anonymous seawitch said...

st c,

I know. It's outrageous that it's taken this long and still no one has been charged.

6:07 AM  

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