The Trouble With Kids Today

What is the biggest problem with kids today? Their enthusiasm and the speed at which they work makes you feel old. Take the group of 40 students from St Olaf's College in Northfield Minnesota. They worked around 5 hours cleaning up the area close to where I work. About 130 came down on their spring break to help us out here in Mississippi and over in Louisiana. It makes you feel good about the future of our country when young hands are so willing to help out. I spoke with Thomas and he asked me to talk a little about the history of the company I work for and to describe the losses of many of our employees. I'm not a very good speaker but the kids were polite and clapped.

After their lunch break, I took this group shot.

Climbing the trees was one way to get the debris out of them.

They stayed busy.

It was hard work but they worked as a team.

The pile of debris that could not be put in bags.

I was glad to meet these kids. I was able to thank most of them personally for coming down here to help us. It felt good to see the area clean again and the trees without their drapes of plastic and wood. They did a great job.

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