Losing a friend in the war on terror?

On May 5, elections will be held. If Blair's party does not have the majority, it will have to form a coalition with another of the parties. As it stands now, Tony Blair's Labour Party may have to form a coalition with the Conservative party. As England is the most vigorous supporter of Operation Iraqi Freedom, what does this entail for us in Iraq?

At BBCNews.com there is very little about the implications. There has hardly been any news coverage in the US about these upcoming elections and yet, the government that the Britons choose will impact us to a degree.

It has been comforting to have Tony Blair covering our back. He has been a staunch supporter for our war on terror. The upcoming elections may change that.

As much as we would like to discount European criticism of US policies, it is still nice to have friends like the UK, Italy, Portugal and the Eastern European countries such as Poland.


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