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In the past couple of weeks I've added some new links. They are a mixed lot but all are worth a read.

The GunnNutt is a military blogger and he participates in supporting our troops at the Walter Reed Medical Centers. The numbers of those who support our troops has vastly outnumbered those anti-war mongrols Code Pink.

Dean's World is a liberal site in the sense it is open-minded. His site supports our troops and there are many different posts ranging from AIDS to poetry. Except for an obsession with Battlestar Galatica it is well worth reading and the commenters are articulate and many interesting discussions occur.

blonde sagacity is another supporter of our troops and has different posts about the men and women who serve as well as good political commentary.

Angry in the Great White North is another good source for political commentary.

This blog is Full of Crap is a cat blogger who also has devastatingly funny letters from Kofi Anon to Yassar Arafat. Read for yourself and see why he'll have you laughing.


Anonymous Felis said...

Thanks for the links Seawitch.
I'll try to visit them today.

2:42 PM  

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