Why Worry?

There has been speculation about President Bush's nominee for the Supreme Court, Harriet Meirs. Some are concerned because she is unknown and 'gasp' once was a Democrat. All the speculation and concern in the world will not do any good. Just as the speculation of now Chief Justice Roberts will not do any good. Once a person is on the Supreme Court all bets are off as to how a person will rule in cases that come before the Supreme Court.

Such factors as party affiliation, past views on certain topics, past rulings in judicial hearings, and other factors may give one a idea of which way a person might rule in a Supreme Court case. But that is all it will give, an indication.

Take for instance the recent the New London, CT case which virtually took away our property rights, three of the deciding judges are considered conservatives.

To me political views, party affiliation, and personal beliefs have little to do with what should go on at the Supreme Court. A person nominated should have a clear understanding of Constitutional law. Clearly Chief Justice Roberts meets that criteria. It remains to be seen if Ms. Meirs has the same qualification.


Anonymous Felis said...

I must say I don't know much about her (the nominee) at all.
Then again, this is more of an internal US problem.

5:58 PM  
Anonymous seawitch said...


Therein lays the problem, no one does and no one knows her qualifications as of yet.

9:32 PM  

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