Help Rebuild the Dreams and Ideas

I love to read and read a lot. I've spent a lot of time inside the libraries on the Gulf Coast. My favorites were the Gulfport Main Library and the Biloxi Main Library. All of the books and research materials are gone at both of these libraries because of Hurricane Katrina. The Biloxi Main Library, while not gutted had water in it that destroyed everything. The Gulfport Main Library was gutted and the windows were blown out on the second floor. All the books were damaged. Many ended up in Jones Park across Hwy 90. When I was there a couple of weeks, there were still books scattered across Jones Park. The water had washed the ink away thereby erasing the dreams and ideas that were enclosed.

I've only mentioned two libraries in Harrison County that were destroyed. The Kudzu Files has the figures of what was lost and how you can help rebuild our precious libraries.

Below is what the Gulfport Main Library looked like two weeks ago. When I drove by this past Saturday, nothing had changed.

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Anonymous Felis said...

I'll see what I can do Seawitch to help in rebuilding you library.

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