Peaceful Coexistence

Two of my cats have been having "tensions" since I first got them over 9 years ago. Frisky takes every opportunity to hiss and swat at Smokey. Smokey for his part likes to chase her around the house and annoy the heck out of her. However, there has been a seeming truce. They have been sharing a new throw I bought last month. The hissing, the growls, and the items knocked to the floor have been few and far between since the purchase.


Blogger Esther said...

oh wow! I wish such a purchase existed for my two combatants. Yours are adorable, btw.

4:11 PM  
Anonymous seawitch said...


It only took 9 years to find! Smokey weighs 15 lbs and Frisky only 8 but she teaches him whose boss most times!

6:15 PM  
Anonymous Patrick said...

Wanna come and work a similar magic on our feral felines?

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm surprised by these two. My son came in and saw them laying down side by side and asked what was going on.

All I can suggest for your feral felines is to get them a nice warm, fuzzy throw. :)

3:40 PM  

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