Since my hometown of Gulfport was decimated by Hurricane Katrina, I've been reminiscing about some of the things that are gone. Most of our historical landmarks are gone. Places such as Grasslawn, built in the mid 1800's, are places that exist only in photographs. The numerous homes and businesses that gave the Mississippi Gulf Coast it's unique history and flavor exist only in photographs and memories now. The smiles of the 236 Mississippians that were lost exist only in memories and photos. The sounds of their laughter and voices exist only in memories.

Thanks to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition designer Preston Sharp, we are now given the opportunity to preserve some of those memories in a memorial to Hurricane Katrina. People along the Gulf Coast have been bringing in items salvaged from their demolished homes and talking about the memories associated with them.

Today, I took some of the tiles from the demolished offices of Gollott Seafood. I was able to hand them directly to one of the producers of the show and share some of the history of this business that has been in existence since 1932.

I don't know if it'll become part of the memorial or not. It was just good to bring a piece of D'Iberville's history and to tell someone about one of the largest employers in D'Iberville that went from having 100+ employees to only six. And how it's being rebuilt. The only thing I didn't get a chance to tell them is how seeing Gollott's being rebuilt from the I-110 bridge is a sight that shows the spirit and determination of all along the Mississippi Coast to rebuild better and stronger.

I don't know when this show will be airing but if y'all get a chance please watch it. I'll post pictures of it once it's complete. It's all blocked off now.


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