Update on the Dolphins

The dolphins that used to reside at Gulfport Marine Life before it was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina are doing fine in Atlantis. The heartwarming story of seven of the dolphins who had been feared lost and were subsequently rescued was a morale boost to us in Mississippi. It was heartbreaking when the management of Marine Life decided in November to send the dolphins to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.

But they are thriving and seem to be enjoying their new home. Most of the scars that the seven dolphins suffered while swimming in the storm ravaged waters of the Mississippi Sound have now healed.

I wish they were back home. It's good to know they are doing well. But the Gulfport Small Craft harbor is not the same without the sound of the shows that used to go on at Marine Life.

Picture from theSunherald

That's not all that's missing at the Small Craft Harbor. The piers for the boats are all gone. A lot of things are gone. But like the dolphins, we'll survive and rebuild and flourish in new homes. We'll rebuild destroyed businesses. And most of the time we'll be smiling through the hard work.


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