Recovering from a migraine

Today was so beautiful. The sun was shining bright and the temperature was in the low 70's. So how did I spend this great day? Was it outside gardening, going to the beach, or just plain taking it easy?

Oh noooo. I had to wake up with the start of a migraine. It stared innocently enough. The headache behind my eyes, the tearing of the eyes, not so bad the first minutes after waking. Then boom. The nausea kicks in, then the blurring of the eyes. My head feels like it expands and contracts with each breath I take. The light and noise of a quiet morning is too harsh.

My only refuge is a quiet, dark room. Forget about any plans for the day, just surviving the onslaught is enough.

Today's wasn't too bad. It only lasted 6 hours. I only take Tylenol for them. I get the drag myself to bed and stay there ones about four times a year.


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