The Land the Media Forgot

Most of the media appears to be focusing on a blame game. Let's see, how many ways can President Bush be blamed for Hurricane Katrina? There are people in Mississippi and Louisiana who have nothing to show for years of hard work except the clothes on their backs. It pisses me off that most in the media are choosing to focus on a political game instead of telling the stories of the people who have been affected. Why am I being such a bitch this morning?

Because towns in Louisiana such as Chalmette and Metarie are under water also but you don't hear about them. You don't hear about the small towns of Venice, Delcambre, and Dulac either. People in Alabama have had their homes destroyed but you don't hear too much about that. Bayou La Batre's shrimping industry is virtually gone, but you don't hear about that. Small towns in Mississippi such as Waveland, Lakeshore, St Martin are gone. Small towns in Mississippi such as D'Iberville, Poplarville, and Pearlington have been half demolished.

I know people who live in each of these small little towns with exception of Pearlington. I know they are safe and they will have to begin the rebuilding process and that it is going to be a long hard process.

Hurricane Katrina is not some f@@@ing political game. This disaster involves real people who are hurting and are being forgotten by the media. The goodness of the American people is showing through with the unprecedented donations to the Red Cross and the Salvation Army. I want the political bullshit to stop. President Bush is not to blame for Hurricane Katrina. Mississippi, even though hit harder by Hurricane Katrina is recovering faster than Louisiana will ever hope to. Why? Because our elected officials asked for federal government help when needed and in a timely manner. If the dickheads in Louisiana could not get their acts together long enough to do so, that is their problem. But please remember it is real people who are being affected and stop playing the STUPID BLAME GAME and get to work to help those who need it. I am asking the media this.


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