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My son, Jeremy, spent his first full day gainfully employed. He said it was alright. In my quest for a job, I may have one, with the company that John, my ex-husband, works for!! He called and told me about it and told them about me. In fact, when he called me and after talking to me, handed the phone to the girl doing the hiring. I told her what I do. Basically, my job can be described as a comptroller even though I only have an Associate's Degree.

Anyway, John called me a little while ago and said after the phone interview, the girl I spoke with said I was over qualified and told the other girl in the office, "She does what you do!". The other girl replied that I am what they are looking for, someone who can keep track of invoices and warranties of large contracts for various businesses along the Coast that have begun the rebuilding process.

I went into work today at Gollott's to straighten out some computer problems. Apparently a very intelligent 8 year old, who knows computers very well had some fun with them. I left them shutdown and with the passwords with someone who can be trusted. Oh yeah, I fixed the printer and computer problems and did a little bit here and there and told them about the possibility of me working for another company. My boss told me to go for it but to help them out. I told him I could come in on the weekends but wanted my old job back once the hours become full-time again. He said no problem. I also informed my possible new employers of this and that I would continue to be working for Gollotts. I hope that doesn't hurt but I feel since they extended the possibility, it would only be fair.

I went by the plant and old offices again and was able to get more pictures. While there, I saw Jorge!! He is such a sweet fellow and I told him about some clean-up work and meet his wife. When I got there, he was standing in the midst of the rubble and had such a forlorn look on his face. Most of us still do. You wake up one morning and your whole world has changed. But that look is being replaced by one of optimism as the recovery and rebuilding is picking up pace.

Last week, when I drove by the home of the Gollott's uncle, his house did not appear to be damaged. Very wrong. When I drove by today, he had most of his belongings beside the road. Apparently, his house had 7 feet of water in it during the storm. He has already cleaned out the house and has to redo all the electrical but he said the old thing is standing and they would be moving into it again. He house is a half-mile from Biloxi Back Bay. During Hurricane Camille, the water was only 6 feet in my demolished office, which used to sit 100 yards from the bay. There are now reports that state the storm surge was actually between 30-40 feet. I think that is accurate based on the damage and how far the surge went inland.

He used to get me to type up different things and call different people, which I did. I gave him my home phone number and told him to call me if he needed anything typed up or looked up on the internet. I seemed to have perked him up a bit.

I also visited with the contractors and demanded to know where our offices were. He thought I was serious!! I told him I was just joking, sort of.


Anonymous SK said...

Woo Hoo!! I'm really happy for you. This is terrific news and hopefully you'll get the job. You along with a couple of others down there have been a real inspiration as to how people SHOULD be acting.

3:52 PM  
Blogger Esther said...

I agree with sk. Prayers up for the job! They'd be smart to hire you and you're beyond honest warning them that you would consider taking the other job when it's up and running. That honesty alone should make them give you the job. I don't know too many people who would do that.

9:27 PM  
Anonymous seawitch said...

Thanks sk and esther. I am so proud of my son. Like I said, he is maturing so much and I see more confidence in his demeanor now that he is working.

10:13 PM  

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