Whose to Blame for Hurricane Katrina?

Yes, I have stooped to the level of our news media and am about to assign blame for Hurricane Katrina.

I found out whose to blame for Hurricane Katrina last Wednesday as the wonderful utility man from South Carolina was restoring power to the transformer across the street.

It is not President Bush or Karl Rove. Hold your breaths now, the blame for Hurricane Katrina resides with my neighbor who has the hearse parked in her front yard.

While we were talking together, practically all the neighbors on the street, she confided that trouble seems to follow her around. I mean big, major trouble. Here's a brief list of the mayhem she has caused:

Last year she had moved to Pensacola Florida, two weeks later Hurricane Ivan struck.

She moved to Tennessee, a month later, they had a big ice storm.

She moved down here two months ago, you know what happened, Hurricane Katrina.

So Jerry told her she needed to pack up her hearse and go somewhere else. She was a good sport about and laughed along with the rest of us.

So, let the media know that the blame for Hurricane Katrina does not reside with President Bush or Karl Rove, but with a little ol housewife and her hearse.


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