Things to Remember

As I set forth on this journey of finding a new job, there are certain things I need to remind myself when I am hired:

1) Your new boss might not appreciate being called a stupid bastard to his face. Your old boss may have laughed it off because you have been working there 14 years and thinks it's funny

2) Your new boss might not appreciate you taking off 1-2 hours early on Friday because you don't feel like working

3) You must be very careful about internet access and blogging. While your old boss might be very considerate and let you finish posting to your blog, your new boss might not appreciate it

4) Your new boss might not accept the excuse you were late due to the fact you stayed up most of the night reading a book and overslept. Your old boss accepted it as just being who you are

Oh Lord, I am doomed!! I have become so complacent about what is and isn't acceptable at a place of work because of the very good nature of my old bosses, that my work ethic may have suffered slightly. In other words, I am now a very high maintenance employee!!!

Hey, my skills will save me though.


Blogger Mark said...

I became so unemployable because of my independence, I decided to become self-employed.

I don't want anyone getting in the way of my fun.

Bills...what bills? LOL

6:50 AM  
Anonymous phin said...

Only an hour or two on Fridays? Most of the crowd around here knocks off at noon.

Good luck with the search, I'll keep you in my prayers.

7:35 AM  
Anonymous SK said...

Well, this certainly makes one think twice about the current boss! Maybe they aren't so bad?

7:38 AM  
Anonymous seawitch said...

Hey phin, that's after waiting around 30 minutes after a two hour lunch break!!

12:01 PM  

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