The Ivy League

The Ivy League refers to the universities in the US that are supposedly the most prestigious and where you can go or send your children to receive the best education possible. That prestige is in a decline. Is it because of academic standards faltering? No, its because their political focus is so out of skewer.

Over at Beth's My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, I read Nail Yale.

It had a link to a Wall Street Journal article. Below is an excerpt that explains why so many are upset over Yale's decision to enroll a former Taliban spokesperson:

The second was when they learned that Yale had admitted Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, a 27-year-old former official of the Taliban, the murderous regime that harbored Osama bin Laden. Mr. Hashemi remains largely unrepentant about his involvement with the regime, whose remnants are still killing Americans. Last Wednesday brought word of the 139th U.S. soldier to be killed in combat at the hands of Taliban guerrillas, and yesterday, five U.S. soldiers were wounded when their armored vehicle struck a Taliban roadside bomb in Kunar province.

If you would like to voice your outrage about this matter, please sign this petition asking for the resignation of Mr. Levin, Yale's president.

Mr. Hashemi is apparently unrepentant about his role in the Taliban. If he had shown any remorse for his part in the Taliban and for the Taliban's brutality, perhaps there would not be so much outrage. The Taliban is still murdering. It is still trying men and women alike in Afghanistan. It is unconscionable for a person like Mr. Hashemi to be allowed in the US, let alone study at Yale. Whoever approved his Visa should be punished and investigated.


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