Who was Maria Ruzicka?

I didn't even know her name until today when I went to one of my favorite web-sites(the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler) and there was a post about her. The post was very negative about her and seemed to glory in her death. I am the type who has to know all the facts and before I form an opinion so I did some research to see if she was a looney left as portrayed in two of the posts I saw.

While the portrait painted of her was true to a certain extent, this site failed to go beyond the year 2002, when she did outrageous stunts. However, after going to Iraq and Afghanistan in 2003, she seems to have matured.

As this Washington Post article states, she seemed to be genuinely committed to helping the civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In today's opinion page at the Wall Street Journal, they even changed the opinion they had of her.

She even sought the military's help in getting aid to those hurt because she felt that they were the ones who could get it done the quickest.

Far from branding her as a moonbat, she needs to be upheld as someone who did what she could to help those affected by the war. Her efforts will go long in the effort to win over the hearts and minds of those in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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